2008-10 Dodge Challenger HEMI Cold Air Intake

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Roto-fab's 2008-10 Dodge Challenger Hemi Cold Air Intake will add horsepower and give your HEMI equipped car an awesome sound. Roto-fab starts by designing the air box that really fits your car. It's much more than the typical (L) shape piece of sheetmetal you are used to seeing. Our box is designed to contour the surrounding components. This enables us to have a very large box and filter while maintaining a barrier between the filter and harmful engine and radiator heat.

The bottom of our air box is formed and cut for coupling to the stock air inlet hole. (see the pic of the installed air box with the filter removed) Additionally, we have a triangular inlet on the outboard side of the air box. Because of the location, it draws cooler air from the same area as the bottom opening.

The result is a larger volume of cooler air when you need it. Black anodized aluminum brackets mount to existing locations on your vehicle. No modifications are required for installation of our cold air intake. Our custom molded air box coupler attaches to the air box with 6 stainless steel 10-32 screws. On the inside of the box, it has a large 6 inch mounting flange to accept the huge air filter. The larger opening ensures you won't be starving your motor during acceleration. As the coupler passes through the air box wall, it transitions to 5 inch OD to accept our high gloss black silicone hump hose.

The hump hose takes up the movement of the air tube. This design allows us to mount the airbox assembly solidly to maintain a good seal between our cold air intake components while still having the ability to absorb motor rock. Most cold air intakes simply cut an oversize hole for this. The other end of the hump hose accepts our custom molded air inlet tube which has a huge 5 inch OD inlet. The tube transitions down through its length allowing the air to gain velocity as it travels towards the throttle body. At the throttle body, we use a high gloss silicone hose that mounts our tube solidly so good alignment is maintained, even during motor rock. From start to finish, we have designed and built this cold air intake with all of the qualities to make it work! Please compare our design and components to the competion and you'll see the differences.

All oil filters come pre-oiled and ready for use. The filter requires 49 grams of oil when servicing.

This product is not for sale, use or distribution in California!