2016-24 Camaro SS With LT4 Or Whipple Supercharger Big Gulp Series Cold Air Intake

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The 2016-24 Camaro SS Roto-fab Big Gulp series cold air intake system takes your supercharged SS to the next level by using larger duct work to reduce restriction for those with power levels exceeding 650-700 RWHP.

For stock or mildly modified vehicles, we recommend one of our standard Roto-fab cold air intake systems for optimum performance. This system is compatible with LT4 and Whipple superchargers.

Due to the Larger Duct Size, Custom Tuning is Necessary for all Big Gulp Series Cold Air Intake Systems. Failure to do so could result in engine damage!

Check out features included with the Big Gulp Series air intake:

  • Massive 5 inch OD duct work
  • 5 inch hump hose to absorb motor rock
  • Silicone coupler for 102/103 mm throttle body
  • 6 inch MAF sensor housing entry to accept our 6 inch ID filter
  • Molded-in oversize breather coupler for larger breather option
  • Effective seal to the hood to maximize air box volume and create space for larger filter
  • Powdercoated air box with Roto-fab Big Gulp Series logo

Taking a closer look, the 2016-24 Camaro SS Roto-fab Big Gulp series cold air intake system includes a 5 inch x 4.25 inch step hose at the throttle body allowing you to couple to most 102 and 103 mm aftermarket throttle bodies. Also available is a 5 inch x 4.75 inch throttle body adapter (part number 10132059 sold separately). A 4 inch adapter (part number 10132004 sold separately) is necessary for those using the factory throttle body. For optimum performance, we highly recommend upgrading your stock throttle body.

The cold air intake box uses a bulb seal on top to effectively seal to the hood which provides the advantages of a lid while maximizing space for a larger filter and more air box volume. The inlet elbow features a molded-in, oversize breather port and comes with two breather fitting sizes to accommodate a variety of PCV configurations.

A 5 inch silicone hump hose is used between the inlet elbow and the MAF sensor housing to absorb motor rock. The MAF sensor housing incorporates the air box mounting flange with threaded inserts as it transitions to a huge 6 inch clamping surface for the filter. This design provides rigid mounting to the air box while eliminating gaps around the duct work which prevents engine bay heat from entering the filter.

The filter itself comes pre-oiled and ready to go. Use 89 grams of filter oil when servicing. The replacement oil filter is part number 10135013.

Take your supercharged 2016-24 Camaro SS to the next level with a Roto-fab Big Gulp series cold air intake system!

This product is not for sale, use or distribution in California!