2017-24 Camaro ZL1 Cold Air Intake With Oiled Filter

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The 2017-24 Roto-fab ZL1 cold air intake continues to be the go to cold air intake for the ZL1 Camaro. If you are looking for a simple bolt-on modification to increase power while improving sound and appearance with no tuning required-look no further!

Our testing showed a 26 HP gain with no tune or other modifications. Countless independent tests and reviews over the past five years have solidified Roto-fab as the number one choice in cold air intakes for the 2017-24 ZL1.

Check out the benefits:

  • Great performance
  • Aggressive sound
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Proven reliability
  • Easy installation

Our ZL1 cold air intake system design features make it an excellent choice as a stand-alone mod or a key component in your list of mods!! We implemented our tried and true strategies of combining a huge air filter with an air box that effectively seals to your hood and your fresh incoming air duct.

Our open-top design also allows for great air box volume and accessibility! We have also observed an improvement in throttle response, quicker acceleration, and a substantially louder supercharger sound under acceleration. Go with the proven cold air intake leader for the ZL1 since 2012!

For those exceeding the 650-700 RWHP range, consider the Roto-fab Big Gulp cold air intake system part number 10161074 (tuning required for Big Gulp series air intakes). For most, our standard cold air intake system is the best choice for performance and drivability for the ZL1.

This is the oil filter. All filters come pre-oiled and ready to use. This filter requires 89 grams of oil when servicing. The replacement oil filter part number is 10135013.

This product is not for sale, use or distribution in California!