Bushing Kit, Differential Mount, Polyurethane, Street Version

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  • Vendor BMR Suspension
  • SKU BK001

Minimize wheel hop and enhance rear stability with BMR Suspension differential bushings. They are far superior to factory bushings and drastically decrease differential movement and pinion rise. BMR bushings replace the entire OE bushing and are manufactured to strict tolerances for a perfect fit and increased performance. They will survive exposure to petroleum products, road salt, ozone, and other elements of the harsh undercar environment.

Several kits include heavy-duty hardware; while not necessary for all customers, BMR supplies the upgraded hardware for those who have higher power levels or plan on launching hard on the street or at the dragstrip. This hardware upgrade may require slight modification to the rear differential mounts.

BMR Suspension differential bushings are available in:

* Polyurethane--a synthetic polymer that deflects far less than rubber without excessive increases in noise, vibration, or harshness.
* Delrin--a solid synthetic polymer that eliminates deflection and drastically increases differential stability. They are machined from solid Delrin and are intended for extreme performance street, drag race, and handling applications.
* Billet aluminum--doesn't deflect and can also withstand much higher temperatures than rubber, polyurethane, or Delrin; making it a great choice for race cars where the differential creates large amounts of heat for extended periods of time.