CPR 4/5" Cold Air Intake System - G8/SS Sedan

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  • Vendor Cordes Performance Racing
  • SKU CPR-SS-ColdAir

We are proud to officially release our 4.5” CAI for the SS/G8 sedan platform. This is a perfect solution for you LSA & Magnuson 2650 cars (with the LSA snout) when you need maximum airflow to supply enough power to max out the combo. Since we are not just a parts maker and we actually build & tune these every single day, you can be assured that we made sure to give you the smoothest maf signal possible for the best drivability possible. These are made right here in house and powder coated a beautiful texture finish for a OEM quality look. We also provide the needed LS3 maf as and instructions on repining it as we do not like the potential issues adapter harness’ can have. We will also verify what size throttle body you are running so we can provide you with the correct coupler.

We have verified ourselves that this does fit a G8 with an LSA blower, or Magnuson 2650 with the LSA angled snout.