CPR 6th Gen Camaro Trunk Ice Tank (EMP Version)

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  • Vendor Cordes Performance Racing
  • SKU CPR-Cam6-TrunkTank

Due to popular demand we are now offering the Davies Craig EMP version of our extremely popular trunk tank. This unit has a new shape to allow for the external pump and still keep capacity up. We wanted to start with a clean slate on this project. The kit includes everything needed to get the fluid from the trunk, to the engine bay, and back. The final connections at your supercharger, or air to water intercooler are up to the end user. However we can assist you in planning out the best course of action if you need assistance.

Kit includes 1” Vibrant silicone hose (40ft worth) More then enough for all the connections you need plus some left over in case you make a mistake.

Drain kit so you can ice down at the track (or mexico) if you wish.

Items up to the end user:

  • Wiring up the pump (simple power, ground, trigger)
  • Engine bay connections