CPR 6th Gen ZL1/CTS-V3 Engine Bay Expansion Tank

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  • Vendor Cordes Performance Racing
  • SKU CPR-Cam6-ExpTank

This tank adds additional capacity for the OEM or aftermarket top mount supercharger on the 6th gen or V3 platform. We have seen it time and time again these cars come in and get baselined before we begin working on them and they dyno extremely low because the intercooler system wasn’t bleed properly from GM. If the pump ever see’s an air pocket it shuts off which kills power! Our tank ensures the pump always see’s head pressure but running inline of the feed line to the pump from the blower. For those wanting to have a solution you can ice down at the drag strip or half mile then we recommend one of our other setups shown below.

**Tank includes all the needed fittings, lines, connections to work with the OEM supercharger, depending on your setup additional connections may need to be made, includes gates heat shrink clamps**