CPR 6th Gen ZL1/CTS-V3 Breather Tank

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This is the same breather we use on all our big horsepower builds here! Completely eliminates the PCV system and vents it to atmosphere to ensure no excess crankcase pressure builds up and blows out a seal. This also helps prevent the oil buildup on the intake valves the DI motors are so prone to have be an issue. Comes with all the fittings needed to go to the can and line. Please let us know if you are OEM valve covers or an aftermarket setup so we can make sure we set you up correctly.

***Note for LT4 engines, our system fully vents the crankcase to atmosphere, you will need to plug the PCV port that goes into the bottom of the supercharger. We have a solution for this that can be purchased separately, please email CPR if you need assistance. Joe@cordesperformanceracing.com***