CPR Heat Exchanger - C7 Z06

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  • Vendor Cordes Performance Racing

CPR is proud to release our new 100% drop in heat exchanger replacement for the 2015+ Z06 Corvette. Testing in Arizona showed a drop in IAT2 of 22 degree’s logged during a 1-5th gear pull in an A8 car during 102 degree outside air temps. This was on a 100% stock car with stock pullies! Cruising IAT2 was also reduced by 11 degree’s over stock as well. This unit is 100% made with USA components and of our own design and was brought about with extensive testing here in AZ with different core designs to ensure the most efficient heat exchanger available while keeping it a true drop in replacement. Absolutely no cutting is required to install and accepts the OEM click on style hoses making this one of the easiest heat exchangers on the market to install. Couple this with our ice tank package and ensure IAT2 is as low as possible for drag racing or half mile racing. We offer factory connections, -12 AN or -16 AN fittings.

Note: testing was NOT done with a larger reservoir tank. The OEM tank, lines, pump, etc. were all there.