DSX Tuning Bucketed Dual In-Tank Pump System - CTS-V3

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  • SKU DSX-Gen6-FuelModule-285

Designed for the 2016-2019 CTS-V, this full billet bucketed dual intank pump system will supply the fuel you need without compromising the utility of a bucket. Low fuel level starvation is no longer an issue, and the plug and play harness makes this system run just like stock with full command over the pumps from the ECM.

Featuring dual TI Auto F90000285 or F90000295 pumps, you can push over 1200whp worth of ethanol on a supercharged system while keeping the full PWM capability of a stock system. Properly engineered jet siphons ensure that you drain the other side of the fuel tank first, and they ensure the bucket stays full under normal driving conditions. Two fluorosilicone umbrella valves allow gravity filling of the bucket as a backup (though at extremely low tank levels, gravity filling doesn't do much, hence the use of three individual jet siphons). The bucket is intended to connect back to factory plumbing as well to serve as a true drop in solution. The bucket assembly itself does not have a check valve, so there is no downside to using the 295 pumps. If you remove the check valve from the OEM fuel line in the engine bay, we'd recommend adding in the Lingenfelter high flow check valve in your fuel system, though no adverse effects have been found when not using it. You will need to change the electrical connector on your factory level sender (which is very simple to do) unless you opt to purchase the new level sender that is offered in which case we put the right connector on. You will also need to transfer the factory remote pickup filter to the bucket itself.

Control of the bucket is done with all OEM electronics, one of which has a proprietary modification to prevent crashing the powertrain expansion CAN bus and allow seamless cloning of the extra pump's duty cycle. The robustness of OEM electronics is retained with this setup. Wiring is completely plug and play, giving you a real sealed connector on top of the hat instead of add on ring terminals. We take it a step further by providing a HP Tuners template file which allows your tuner to just apply the supplied template file to change all settings to their ideal values so the first time you turn the key, it just works. There is no reliance on massive PI trimming with this control system, and the pressure you ask for is effortlessly achieved in all operating conditions. You won't have to worry about DTCs or weird operation.

The hat contains an optional 8 ORB return port (we plug these), but we recommend retaining function of this bucket as a returnless fuel system. Because the hat is offset from the bucket (this is a design constraint of the factory tank), the return port cannot return fuel directly into the bucket itself. It would be possible to fashion something to work, but this system has been tested in returnless configuration to over 1200whp without issue, and we would strongly urge you to use it as we intended.