DSX Tuning LT4 Port Injection Plates (stock valve cover)

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These SVC (stock valve cover) plates are designed to add port injection for the LT4 and sandwich between the supercharger (or intake manifold). These are designed to use the short 34mm style injectors while placing the injector tip right at the port wall. One piece billet rails with integrated machined brackets sit atop the injectors via steel threaded stands (that replace three valve cover bolts) along with extensions to reach to the injector inlet. There is a pathway machined into the plates to clear the factory high pressure fuel pump inlet line, and the o-ring glands are dovetailed to ensure they stay in place during installation. Two dowels are also pressed into each plate to assist in alignment during installation to make sure the plates don't move while setting the supercharger down.

Yes, these will fit with stock unmodified valve covers!

The rails feature 8 ORB inlets on each end to allow any plumbing connection you may need and are anodized black for protection against fuels and a beautiful finish. These also include a small o-ringed extension for the PCV to reach the supercharger.

These plates raise the supercharger 0.908" higher than stock, so there may be a need to address hood clearance or a need to space the engine cradle lower for the hood to shut.