MKV Supra Outlaw Axles

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It’s no secret that when racers and enthusiasts demand the absolute best for their axles, they turn to GForce and the absolute strongest axles on the market. The same is true for the A90/91 MK5 Supra. GForce has brought their proven axle design to this exciting platform. The larger CV joints and internals of the GForce axles provide a significant strength advantage. Premium alloys, billet machined stub shafts and larger diameter axle bars only add to the increased strength and durability. In addition, the outer stub shafts have been precision engineered for increased spline engagement over the factory axles ensuring the GForce axles will meet the demands of the most aggressive daily driver to the hardcore drag racer and everything in between.

GForce Axles have become synonymous with record breaking consistent performance and have proven to be the go-to solution for anyone looking to get the most from their factory driveline setup. Not all vehicles have an optimal design or the most ideal spline counts to boost strength, but you can be confident that GForce axles are engineered to be the absolute strongest possible to work within the space provided by the OEM manufacturer. GForce offers two different axles for most applications. If you would like to know which is best for your application, you can read more here: Renegade vs. Outlaw Axles

Specific notes for MK5 Supra:

  • NO CORES NECESSARY. GForce axles are meant to replace the factory axle completely and do not require the use of any part of the OE axle.
  • Due to the increased size of these joints, the clearance between the upper forward link and GForce axle is significantly decreased. At the very minimum, clocking of the washer on this link is required.
  • GForce recommends the use of aftermarket Upper Forward Links on both left- and right-hand side when running GForce axles. These can be purchased from one of several manufacturers.
  • Toyota recommends the use of a new axle bolt when replacing the axles. These bolts can be purchased at your local Toyota dealership or anywhere Toyota parts are available.

GForce axle shafts were manufactured based on OEM suspension. Aftermarket shocks, control arms, etc. may present clearance issues. If CV boots have clearance issues, low profile boots can be purchased at an upgraded cost. The low profile boots reduce the amount of available axle angle in comparison to the standard boots, so they are not ideal for lowered or high axle angle vehicles. This includes 2010-15 Camaro and all years of Mopar platforms. If you have questions or would like to add low profile boots to your axles, please contact us for more information.

Damage Prevention
NO DRIVELINE COMPONENT IS BOMBPROOF! GForce does not put a power rating on any driveline components as there are entirely too many variables that can affect a driveline component outside of power. We take great pride in trying to build the strongest driveline components to fit within certain applications, but it is important to know that You, the end customer, are responsible for seeing to proper installation and You, as the driver, are responsible for the lifespan of your axles or other driveline components.