Monster S Series Single Disc Clutch – 1996-2001 Mustang

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Monster S Series Single Disc Clutch Rated to 500 RWHP/RWTQ for the 1996-2001 Mustang

A vast improvement over any other single disc unit in its power rating, the S Series single disc clutch is rated to 500 rwhp/rwtq and is one of our most popular units. Previously our Level 2, these clutches are designed to be daily driven and take a moderate amount of abuse while maintaining perfect street manners and a long life. We utilize pure Kevlar™ friction material along with our 10.5″ Extreme Duty pressure plate.

While these are great for the daily driven setups that will go to the track and rip on the street, these are not intended for extreme racing applications. We do not recommend the Level 2 for setups that utilize nitrous or turbocharged setups simply because the torque spikes often associated with those power adders are just not favorable for this – additionally, we do not recommend any full-faced friction for drifting, for those applications we recommend looking at our more aggressive single, twin, or triple units.

When installed and broken in properly you should expect factory smooth operation and no chatter with a factory pedal effort and engagement feel – the only exception to this is if you are using an aftermarket master cylinder as the larger displacement will increase pedal effort and reduce the engagement window.