Rear Cradle Bushing Kit, Race Version (BK026, BK027)

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  • Vendor BMR Suspension
  • SKU BK028

Eliminate cradle and differential bushing deflection and minimize wheelhop with Delrin cradle and differential bushings from BMR Suspension. Delrin is a synthetic polymer that has many properties that make it far superior to OEM rubber bushings. Delrin is a solid polymer that eliminates deflection in comparison to soft rubber. BMR’s Delrin cradle and differential bushings (BK028) drastically increase cradle and differential stability over the factory rubber bushings. The bushings are machined from solid Delrin, which eliminates bushing deflection. BMR designed its Delrin cradle and differential bushings from precision machined Delrin. Each bushing is manufactured to strict tolerances, which are designed by BMR. This allows for a perfect fit and increased performance for any driving style.

Designed for extreme street performance, drag race, and handling applications, BMR Suspension BK027 Delrin Rear Cradle Bushings are the perfect solution for any Camaro being used for performance driving where NVH is not a concern. BMR’s Rear Cradle and Differential Bushings offer huge increases in performance over the stock rubber bushings. The OE bushings are designed with air pockets and are made from soft rubber. These “voids�, coupled with soft material produce excessive cradle movement during aggressive maneuvering. This movement is one of the biggest contributors to wheel hop. BMR’s Delrin cradle and differential bushings replace the entire OE rubber bushing. This eliminates all bushing deflection, increases handling stability, and cornering ability, while giving you a much-improved overall feel in any performance driving situation. The reduction in cradle movement also drastically reduces wheelhop, caused by excessive bushing deflection.

BMR Suspension’s BK028 Delrin Rear Cradle Bushing Kit is available in black with zinc-coated hardware. Installation time is about 6-8 hours and may vary depending on stock bushing removal technique. Proudly made in the U.S.A.!

- Fits 2010-2015 Chevrolet Camaros
- Designed for extreme street performance, drag race, and handling applications
- Machined Delrin bushings
- Eliminates bushing deflection
- Zinc-coated inner sleeves
- 3-5 hour installation time
- Proudly designed in the U.S.A.
- Proudly made in the U.S.A.