DSX Tuning Billet LT4 Supercharger Cover

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  • Vendor DSX Tuning
  • SKU DSX-LT4-Cover-1

These LT4 specific supercharger covers are intended as a quick and easy upgrade over the restrictive early LT4 covers that are used on the 2015-2016 C7 Z06 and the 2016-2019 CTS-V. These still fit all LT4 superchargers and will increase sound over both styles of factory lid. The inside of the lid has been contoured to provide smooth airflow transition both out of the blower and into the supercharger mating surface. The flange is specifically made to match the geometry of the blower flange. Gains of over 25whp were made by just swapping this lid over the short OEM lid with no tuning changes. Tuning may be required and gains may vary depending upon your modifications.

FITMENT NOTE: This lid has been specifically designed to clear the factory strut bar on the 2016-2019 CTS-V without the need to modify the strut bar or shim it. Factory plastics will not fit, and the factory fuel line clips will not secure back down on the bolts unless you get the optional $12 stand offs.

  • Product is made to order!
  • New seals available
  • Custom engraving not available at this time through The Speed Depot